Ferdows institute of higher education

Special Services

Special Services at Ferdows Institute of Higher Education:

 1. Installation and commissioning of Ferdows Graphic Processing Center: For the first time in the institutions and universities of Khorasan Razavi using powerful servers to use heavy graphic software for students has been done that all students with direct and remote access at any time and Wherever they can connect to powerful servers and process their heavy software, which saves students time and money. In this regard, the server room of the institute has been upgraded with maximum bandwidth.

 2. The center of creativity and innovation

 3. Student Career Management and Counseling Center (TMC): In this center, to empower and facilitate the entry of students and graduates of the institute into the labor market, specialized courses and counseling on fields of study and work skills are held.

 4. Music system

 Considering that music is one of the disciplines that has spread a lot and is the founder of this discipline in Ferdows Institute in Mashhad, in this regard, a system has been created for quick access of students. Students in this field can easily connect to the server and use the software. In this project, students no longer need heavy hardware and software installation is done only on servers.

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